A month full of moments and turkeys to be grateful for

We have a lot to celebrate this Thanksgiving at Beyond Hunger!

For the first time EVER we were able to provide a turkey for every family that visited during the entire month of November.

When we needed a freezer drop trailer early in the summer, our community, with significant support from Women Leaders in Philanthropy a program of the Oak Park-River Forest Community Foundation, came through. And as October rolled around we knew that having that extra space meant it MIGHT BE possible to do something we'd not been able to do before— provide a special holiday meal for every hungry neighbor who visits us throughout the month. And we did it! In the past month local organizations, and so many individuals have contributed in amazing ways to help make that happen—through donations and physical support. Our volunteers and staff made numerous car trips to the store to fill up the backs of their vans and cars with cases and cases of turkeys. We rented a U-haul. One local family even had pallets of turkeys delivered to their front lawn (immediately then moved to our freezer). And this past Saturday, a day when we served more families than any of us can remember, our staff drove out in the middle of food distribution to get even more turkeys because we were on the edge of running out.

It's been a month full of moments and turkeys to be grateful for. Mostly, we are grateful for all of you and your kindness. Thank you for helping to make this happen. Happy Thanksgiving.